Photos and Their Stories

20190824_154706 (2)
This is an imaginatively named blue headed tree agama. This one lives in one of the trees at the lodge and I regularly see him sunning himself. 
This piece of cuteness is Doozy. Here we were heading off to church.
The Horizon choir gave a lovely performance at sundowners on the plain. Even the giraffe came to have a listen.
And Shingi gave us a dance performance!
The  photo you get when you turn up late to sunset but still want that perfect reflection photo.
A trip into Vaalwater saw me stocking up on biltong (since devoured) and looking around Afrihouse. I was particularly taken with their painted skulls.
There’s something exhilarating about a long open road and the thought of the adventures to which it could lead.

The Mongolian Steppes

Erdene Zuu Monastery.
First lunch together.
View from the edge of an extinct volcano.
Time for a dip?
Sheep being hung. Seeing how efficiently the sheep was killed and cleaned was fascinating and every part really was used.
Archery practice.
Horses. Note the unusual saddles.
I could ride forever and not get bored of the scenery.
Some cabins we visited.
Lots of yak and cow hybrids to be found with their shaggy coats.
Getting ready to go.
Rascal, the horse I was riding.
Our guide, wranglers and drivers.
There were so many different kinds of grasshopper.
Another sunset since there were so many beautiful ones.
Bare back riding. That isn’t a smile, it is a grimace of pain due to Rascal’s boney back.
Looking at where we had been.
Nothing like a campfire while watching the sun go down.
We met this gorgeous bundle of fluffiness.