The Singapore Grand Prix

While I’ve only ever viewed it to see the crashes with mild interest, my father is a big fan of the Grand Prix.  When I was initially considering studying mechanical engineering at university, it was something of a joke between us that I should go on to work for Red Bull or Mercedes so that he could get free tickets to the pits at all the big races.  While this will never happen, not least because I decided to study physics, I did take great pleasure in watch the Singapore Grand Prix live.  As well as making my father supremely jealous, I enjoyed the smug feeling of petty revenge for all the years of my childhood when every other movie seemed to be accompanied by the words “I’ve been there”.  In fact, it was probably these very words and a healthy dose of imagination that have fuelled my wanderlust over the years.

My Final Location
My final location

But I digress.  While I had no intention of paying the extortionate fees for a ticket (S$198 or £110 for a one-day zone 4 walkabout) I was determined to find somewhere to get enough jealousy inducing footage.  Unfortunately for me, over the past few years the organisers have become extremely proficient at blocking off all the good viewing spots that don’t require a ticket.  This meant that come Sunday I spent the first half an hour trying out a number of different spots before I found a nice spot just before turn 7.  This location hunt included; two different stairwells, one overcrowded and the other pleasantly perfumed with an underlining aroma of urine; getting stuck in a third stairwell and having to shake the door until two police officers helped me escape; trying every door and shop in the hopes of finding a room with a view; eventually giving up and asking a security guard for the best location to watch from, which turned out to be the first location I’d tried (greatly improved now it had stopped raining).

Despite this, I really enjoyed the evening, particularly the opportunity it offered for me to share something with my father even though we are on separate sides of the world.  This is one of the many ways in which technology is fantastic at bringing the world together because while I was sending off jealousy inducing sound bites of the cars going past, he was keeping me updated on the happenings around the rest of the track.  6780 miles apart and we were able to watch the same race together.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even convert to the F1.

And now the grand reveal of Just Under a Minute’s Worth of Blurry and Shaky F1 Footage Complete With Poor Sound Quality!

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