Why Pick Singapore?

About three years ago I foolishly decided that I was up for an adventure and applied for a degree course complete with study year abroad. Having made it successfully to the University of Bath I happily forgot about this foolhardy decision for a year until reality slammed back into me at the beginning of second year and I had to apply to university all over again. Well sort of.

This time round my list was a fraction more limited than the good old days of UCAS. Not only was I limited to those universities that were deemed to offer a similar enough physics syllabus but my own inability to speak a second language further limited me. While there are perfectly good institutions that teach in English despite its not being the mother tongue, I felt that being stranded somewhere for a year, unable to communicate with the locals, was too big a leap. At the same time, I wished to experience a different culture and way of life that I wasn’t sure the more traditional option of the US could offer.

By process of elimination, I was left with the University of Canterbury, the University of Brisbane and the National University of Singapore. Aside from their lack of imaginative names, all three universities had interesting courses and appealed to my sense of adventure. Putting in my list of choices, with Singapore at the top I then had to wait a couple of very anxious months to find out where I was going. I could not help but be delighted when I received an offer to Singapore and so the intervening months since late January have been filled with planning, packing and panicking.

Thus ends the intro and so begins the adventure.

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